Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services and products

  • Dog/Cat Fleas
  • Dog/Cat: Ticks
  • Dog/Cat: Food
  • Grooming
  • Hospitalization
  • Dental care
  • Boarding
  • Heart worms
  • Vaccinations
  • Evaluations
  • Medical Services
  • Laser Surgery
Take A Look At Other Services We Offer
We perform all basic surgical procedural here at Barkingham Palace. During our surgery times of 12pm - 3pm Mon - Fri. We use up-to-date anesthetic techniques and tailor them to the needs of each patient. All patients are monitored closely before, during and after surgery until anesthetic recovery is complete. Minor surgical procedures are performed on an out patient basis with no hospitalization required.

The C02 Laser has been used in the Medical Professional for over 20 years. It has been proven to be an effective surgical device. This technology ad surgical advantages are now being made available to you pet.

Benefits of Laser Surgery
  • Decreases Post-Op Pain
  • Decreases Swelling
  • Less Bleeding
  • Reduced Infection
  • Quicker Recovery

    How does laser Surgery work?
    The laser energy is focused through a hand piece. With a focused spot size of 0.2mm in diameter this energy takes the place of a scalpel. It becomes a non-contact surgical tool where the laser energy instantly vaporizes the intracellular water in tissue. This energy also sterilizes and seals small blood vessels as it cuts. With laser surgery there is no bruising or tearing of tissue.
  • Oral care is one of the most over-looked facets of pet wellness. Periodontal disease contributes to many illness in pets such as: congestive heart failure, kidney disease, liver disease, respiratory infections and more. We perform regular scaling, polishing and sealing of your pet's teeth. Exodontics are performed on an as needed basis. We can also offer instruction on maintaining your pet's clean healthy mouth. Dental procedures are offered Monday - Friday.
    If your dog(s) gets their annual vaccinations, heartworms test, stool check, and physical exam in our office, you qualify for a preferred boarding rate regardless of the size of your dog.

    Recommended Vaccines for Dogs:

    Recommended Vaccines for Cats:
    Feline Distemper Virus
    Feline Herpes Virus (Rhinotracheitis)
    Feline Calici Virus
    Feline Leukemia Virus

    All Vaccines are administered on a yearly basis. We use only non-adjuvanted vaccines which reduce the likelihood of vaccination site fibrosarcomas.
    Some illness or injured patients needs to be hospitalized here for monitoring, medicating and confinement until they are well enough to be sent home. For our patients that are in need of hourly, "round-the-clock" monitoring, we utilize the Animal Emergency Clinic as our ICU. They are set up for that very purpose.
    Dr. Pursley worked as a veterinarian for Hill's Pet Nutrition (makers of Science Diet and Prescription Diet) for (4) years and learned a great deal about nutrition for well and sick pets. We have the ability to tailor a nutritional plan to the best interest of your pets health.